For nearly 60 years, members of The Lake George Club have had the opportunity to bring their children to the Club during the summer to develop and build an appreciation for the skills in the sports which last a lifetime: sailing, swimming and tennis. Our children have been fortunate to learn these skills in a lesson environment which provided a safe, caring and professional atmosphere. When we speak to those who were able to avail themselves of these experiences, they speak of those days with fondness, both for the skills they learned, and, maybe more, for the friendships they developed which have continued through the years.

This program and these opportunities are still available at the Club, and through the years have continually improved as a result of the increased equipment, professional staffs, and the support of the Board of Directors for the youth program as a vital effort of the Club for its future members and leaders.

Over the last few years a substantial boost was given to the program through an all-out effort to better publicize the value of the program, and encourage greater participation by the youth members of the Club. This effort was successful, and again this year we will build on the momentum which was created. This year, we hope more participants will take the opportunity to focus their learning in a chosen sport through more class time or individualized instruction, and in sailing with possible mentoring by a senior sailor. Further information is available through the instructors.

This information is being made available to all members early in the year so that when summer plans are being made, the Lake George Club Summer Sports program will be part of them.

Children are eligible for lessons if their parents or grandparents are Club members, or if they are sponsored by a Club member.

Pre-registration begins immediately and continues through May 15, 2016. Although registration can occur after that date, we encourage early registration so that staffing plans can be made, and so that there will be adequate room in the various lesson programs. Once programs are filled, registration will be closed.

We are looking forward to a great summer with your children as part of the program. If you have questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Alfie Merchant, Commodore
Robert Fraser,
Rear Commodore
Cheryl Provost, Racquet Sports Chair
Tracey Gallagher, Junior Program Coordinator