Junior Water Sports and Tennis Program

The Club offers lessons in swimming for most ages, sailing ages 6 thru the summer after high school graduation, and tennis for ages 5 and up. Instruction takes place Tuesday through Friday, generally beginning the last week in June and ending the second or third week in August, subject to annual variation as determined by the Commodore and Tennis Chairman. Instruction is offered in beginning, intermediate and advanced levels (based on experience and ability).

Participation is open solely to children and grandchildren of members, and other children sponsored by a member. In each case, the member is directly responsible to the Club for all charges incurred by his or her child in the program, as well as any separate charges, such as meals purchased independently. All program fees are established by the Commodore/Tennis Chairman (subject to approval by the Board), and are charged to sponsoring members’ regular Club accounts. Participation in each program can be on a daily, weekly or seasonal basis, as determined by the Commodore and the Tennis Chairman (subject to approval by the Board). Coordination of each child’s schedule, and arranging for the child’s attendance at each program, is the sole responsibility of the sponsoring member.

Meals are not included in the Junior Program. It is the responsibility of each member to arrange for appropriate meals for participants, at the sponsoring member’s cost.

The Junior Program is not a custodial program, and is not a “day camp” as defined by law. Responsibility for each child’s participation, conduct and attendance at programs is the sole responsibility of the sponsoring member. The sponsoring member, or other adult member designated by the sponsoring member, is required to be present at the Club at all times the sponsored child is participating in a program, for supervision of that child. Outside of the specific instructional programs, custody and control of each child is the sole responsibility and obligation of the sponsoring member.

Participation of members in the programs, as coordinated by the Parents Committee and program instructors, is welcome.

A member may sponsor a non-member child, and that sponsoring member, or another designated member, must be present to supervise each enrolled child, both for member children (includes grandchildren) and children sponsored by that member.

One parent of a sponsored child under 12 may also be present on club grounds to assist in supervising the sponsored child, but only during the time the sponsored child is in the instructional class (and between classes, if, for example, there is swimming in the morning and tennis in the afternoon.) The presence of a sponsor parent does not substitute for the required presence of the sponsoring member or another designated member supervisor for the sponsored child. Whether or not the sponsored child’s parent is present, the sponsoring member or other designated member must be present to supervise the sponsored child.

Sponsoring members must pre-register each child for each separate activity chosen by the sponsoring member. The Club does not select programs for children, and does not require participation in any particular program or combination of programs; sponsoring members are solely responsible for selection of a child’s program.

Prior to participation in any program, a medical information form, and such other documents as may be required by the Commodore/Tennis Chairman, including proof of health insurance coverage, must be submitted to the Junior Program Coordinator.

The Club does not provide transportation to or from the Club for participation in any Junior Program activities.

Required equipment, including Coast Guard approved life jacket (PFD) for sailing, and appropriate footwear and rackets for tennis, are the sole responsibility of the sponsoring member.

Adopted by the Board of Directors
February 11, 2011